Reverse Data Matching comes into picture when database contain email addresses but lack other significant information creating a drawback for progressive marketing. With Inventory Management System, it becomes easier to identify the missing name, irrelevant postal address or other details from the prospects list and updating it with the latest accurate contact information of the prospects.


Fulfillment Services will match the existing standard contact information of prospects from various sectors with the prospects contact information available in our master database and thus facilitate us to identify the missing or invalid information and update it with the valid information of prospects.


  • Fulfillment services provide the latest and complete contact information of prospects.
  • Identification of missing or irrelevant information becomes easier with Fulfillment Services.
  • Quality Management System helps in multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Right audience can be chosen with Quality Management System.
  • Fulfillment Services enhances strong and healthy bonding with customers.

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