The part of business process in which services are provided or products are sold with the intension to convert shoppers into consumers is known as Business to Customer (B2C) Marketing. Furthermore the practice to approach end-users through emails by maintaining an updated and accurate mailing database to serve the above mentioned purpose is called B2C email lists marketing.


With its inception towards the end of twentieth century, B2C email marketing has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the complete commercial internet system and created the best platform for a large number of B2C companies to come up, online. Traditional techniques of approaching customers took a back seat while fresh innovative ones emerged out and geared the development of commerce with consumer email lists. Random purchase of email lists from online marketing service providers or creating email campaigns without well thought out planning will bear no fruit. Instead maintain targeted email lists for sale along with the incorporation of email marketing strategies to allow your dealings to multiply. To have a broader understanding of it, read through the following.


  1. Creative Email Newsletter:

It is a human instinct to get attracted towards something that is lustrous and glossy. Taking advantage of this, design out creative and catchy templates and email newsletters before you launch your B2C email marketing campaign. Your newsletter will easily arrest the attention of the receiver or reader which will result in increasing leads and consumers. But care should be taken to create the newsletter in a way that it can be interpreted by buyers, effortlessly.

  1. Avoid the Invalids:

Way before you start shooting mails to your customers, make sure that your B2C email list and the consumer email list are accurate and bears the most recent updates for phone number, email ID, industry type, address and other details. clear out the contact details of those who no longer serve your purpose. Instead of sending random mass mails it is always reasonable to target the ones who will be interested.

  1. Appropriate Timing and Subject Lines:

Another way to enhance your email marketing strategies is by segregating your clients according to their requirements and timings, meaning which part of the day will be the best timing to mail them an email citing the services and products offered by your company. Furthermore, you need to choose the type of subject line that will instantly catch their attention. Following are few of the suggestion that have been concluded for positive response and increased customer:

  • Sundays, being a weekend, are not ideal day for effective B2C email marketing
  • Instead Tuesdays and Wednesdays are better options for an engaging audience
  • Moreover, it won’t be valuable to send mails on Saturday to professionals from financial sectors and owning person commerce.
  • Emails sent after the peak working hours, that is from 5PM to 6PM are generally productive


  1. Develop Relationship:

Just that you found a email ID in your targeted email lists for sale, does not mean you will carelessly send them a promotional email. If you desire to retain customers, building a relationship with them and win their trust through contest, well written and highlighted content and other customer relationship methods.

  1. Content Value and Relevancy:

While composing your email, be clear on the points that a buyer can expect out of you and from when till when. Inform them on the benefits that your products and services can offer. In order to temp them and to convert them into consumers, let them know why opting for your brand can be of worth to them. But be careful to keep everything concise and crisp so that reader might not feel bore to go through the complete content.


Thus we can conclude that to improve and polish your B2C email list marketing strategies, there are a number of ways to take into consideration. with so many online marketing firms coming up, all the marketers make use of email marketing but the real game starts only when you start executing properly, keeping in mind the rule and regulation of internet marketing.